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The future is green

weed burners for professionals

40% less gas consumption

The world patented system, E-therm, ensures the lowest possible usage of gas minimizing your expenditures.

Danish quality

We manufacture weed burners on our own factory in Vejen, Denmark. Every detail is personally inspected by owner and blacksmith Ole B. Jensen.

Professional weed burners

ENVO-DAN has many years of experience with the manufactoring of weed burners in all sizes and for every purposes. Our world patented E-therm system reduces gas consumption by 40%, and lowers the noise level significantly.

We make weed burners primarily for agriculture and municipalities.

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We are certified

ENVO-DAN employs well educated and skilled workers. Beside the production of weed burners we do steel constructions of every kind. As one of the first of our kind in Denmark, ENVO-DAN was certified november 2013 to make CE-marked building steel.


We build professional weed burners og CE-marked steel constructions in Vejen, Denmark. Everthing is personally inspected by owner and blacksmith. Ole B. Jensen.

ENVO-DAN. The future is green.

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