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The EU faces dilemmas and critical decisions on pesticide policies and the conservation of agroecosystems. Nevertheless, effective alternatives to pesticides do exist and need to be integrated into a complex decision-making system for crop protection in order to keep costs low and preserve ecosystem services. Land use is planned to change towards ecological production systems. The EU Green Deal’s ambition of covering 25% of EU land with organic land will undoubtedly be affected by a reduction in chemical inputs and disruptions in labour intensity. (hhttps://food.ec.europa.eu/horizontal-topics/farm-fork-strategy_en)//(https://agriculture.ec.europa.eu/sustainability/environmental-sustainability/low-input-farming/pesticides_en)

Are all EU countries capable of delivering on the green transition? An agroecological transformation of European agriculture should be in line with the actual needs and operational capacity of the participating countries. The EU is composed of countries with different national legislations, levels of organization, and orientations for the agricultural sector.

At ENVO-DAN we are willing to work together to help ecology. That’s why we are always evolving to improve organic farming. Our weed burners have managed to reduce CO2 emissions and gas consumption by up to 40%. We are one of the most environmentally friendly solutions not only for agriculture but also to help cities, farms, and roads. This includes weed reduction, disinfection, drying, and pest-disease control.

To adapt to the current and future needs of all stakeholders to promote sustainable development in agriculture, farm and municipalities, ENVO-DAN is committed to supporting ecology in all forms.For more information, please contact us. 🌎🔎