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Weeds control.

Cowi has provided figures for four solutions, including hot water, foam, and gas.

This is the result of a study carried out by Cowi at the request of the Danish Association of Landscape Gardeners. It also shows that technological development has promoted new pesticide-free methods that come close to the same performance as pesticide treatment in a number of treatments and prices, but there is still a long way to go, especially in energy and CO2.


Source: COWI


4 solutions, energy consumption & CO2.

The study included four technologies, each of which was represented by a brand name
  • Foam, Spuma from Aquila Triventek, self-running.
  • Hot water, Heatweed Technology, self-running.
  • Gas burning, Envo Dan, tractor-mounted. (page.34-35)
  • Pesticide, Weed-It from Brøns Machine shop, sensor-controlled, tractor mounted

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Cowi A/S, Ministry of the Environment (2021):
Note on technology, climate, etc. by
treatment without pesticides.
Bente Mortensen (2018): Many stories, but too little knowledge. Green
Environment 5/2018 pp. 56-57. (Study for municipalities )